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Photographic Timeline

2014/15               The Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

2014/15               ‘March’ protests against the Abbott Government, Sydney.

2012/2013            Sea Shepherd Operation Zero Tolerance anti-whaling Antarctic campaign.

2011/2012            Occupy Sydney movement.

2009 / 2010           Sea Shepherd Operation Waltzing Matilda anti whaling Antarctic campaign.

2006 / 2007           The new Australian Kayalkere uranium mine, by Paladin Resources, and the effected communities in Karonga, northern Malawi.

2006                       The expulsion of the Kalahari Bushmen from their traditional land and their High Court challenge against the Botswana Government.

2004                       Chopping down of Sydney’s Domain trees and the community protest over it.

2003 – 2005            Anti Iraq war demonstrations in Sydney.

2003 – 2009            Sydney taxi night-passengers and their stories.

1999 – Present        The Aboriginal Tent Embassy (including original elder Aunty Isabel Coe).

1999 – 2009             The Piccolo Bar, Kings Cross, Sydney. The oldest Australian coffee shop’s proprietors and colourful customers.

1999 – 2000           The occupation of Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour by the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and their ensuing court challenge against the Federal


1999                        The effects of mining (including police abuses and environmental destruction) on indigenous communities and the environment in Ghana.

1998                        The secret opening of Heathgate Resources’ Beverley uranium mine in the Flinders Ranges of northern South Australia and the local

           Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people’s opposition to the mine.

1998 – 2000             Jabiluka uranium mine protests in Sydney.

1998                        The dispute between the Maritime Union of Australia and Patrick Stevedores and the Australian Government in Sydney and Melbourne.

1996                        The effects of mining (including military abuses and toxic spillages) on indigenous communities and the environment in the Philippines.

1995                        Riots by the Tahitians against French nuclear testing in Papeete, Tahiti.

1995 – 1996             Anti logging blockades in the South East Forests of NSW.

1992 – 2009             Anti corporate globalisation protests and activism in Sydney and Melbourne (including the World Economic Forum protest in Melbourne in

   2000 and in Sydney in 2006, the World Trade Organisation protest in Sydney in 2001 & 2002).